How can I pay for my orders?

You can pay on purchases from wine2box in different ways:

- With your card (it links to the CaixaBank secure server) using the CaixaBank computer system, The credit card data travels directly encrypted to the CaixaBank secure server. Neither we nor anyone else have access, so payment is as safe as be when you pay at any physical store.

- With the PayPal system, recognized international payment system, which will require you to create an account and indicate the super card details to the super server. In neither case does wine2box have access to the super card data, since this information is encrypted between you and the CaixaBank / PayPal server.

- Bank Transfer / Income: If you still do not like to give the card details, also Reduce text <br> make the payment By making a bank transfer ES08 2,100 3794 0822 0012 7495

You must indicate your number in the sender of the transfer so that we can know that it is you and not someone else who makes the transfer.

Is the payment system secure?

Yes, as previously indicated, the data of the apo card travels encrypted directly to the bank's secure server. We do not keep any bank details nor do we have access to such data.

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